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Easter Stamp Brushes for Procreate

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Easter Stamp Brushes for Procreate

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Easter Stamp Brushes for Procreate

- Sample Pack: Includes 10 free brushes to sample from the premium, paid version. Free

- Premium (Full Version): Includes 50 Easter-themed stamp brushes for Procreate 5+, including:

– 6 Baskets
– 7 Easter Eggs
– 11 Bunnies/Rabbits
– 12 Hens/Chickens
– 4 Children Playing Scenes
– 3 Easter Lillies
– 2 Frames
– 2 Holy Bibles
– 2 Crosses
– 1 Church $6 for all 50

*All formats include a single-user royalty-free commercial license

To download, select your desired version and input the price associated with it where it says “I want this!”

Elevate your designs and take your artwork to the next level with these easy-to-use stamp brushes. Compatible only with Procreate 5+. For more information on acquiring a multi-user license, corporate license, app license, or other special licensing terms, please email

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Easter Stamp Brushes For Procreate

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